Write your own story

Write your own story

Write your own story

Phenomenal woman, that’s you

Try defining a woman and you will probably run out of breath. Being a woman is not an easy task; it requires a lot of patience, perseverance and strength. Socialized to be the fairer sex, it is always believed that a woman is always passive, not strong enough to take charge of her life. Yet, women are breaking out of this mould and becoming the mistress of their own destiny.

Helping them take this charge physically are their bones. Along with strong emotional support, proper physical strength is also necessary. Building up this strength for women is Women Horlicks. They have released a commercial, #StayStrongToYourBone, encouraging women to never back out of what they believe in.

The ultimate message, without too much emphasis on product placement is to Chalk Your Story. And Women Horlicks will be there, helping you in your path, while you believe in yourself.

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