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Women and the brand tokenism

Women's Day

Practice what you preach

It is that time of the year again with International Women’s Day. For the most part, privileged women around the world are being offered free drinks, free makeovers and great discounts on clothes and accessories. But what women really want are freedom, equality, and safety. While these requirements might seem too ‘heavy’ to be fulfilled, there are a few brands that have gone beyond the consumerist capitalist notion and actually forced viewers to spare a thought about women’s lives.

All about eve

Reliance Fresh

The commercial from this brand puts a fresh twist on the concept of living for yourself. Given that it is a convenience store, one would expect the commercial to be about making live more convenient for the homemaker. Instead, the commercial asks a woman to forget her homely responsibilities for some time and make time for herself. A plan for Goa with her girl gang at the age of 50 seems incomprehensible to the whiny husband who believes that he won’t be able to survive without his wife. But the lady of the house goes ahead with her plans anyway, complete with cheek-in-tongue replies to her husband. All said and done the tagline of the commercial ‘Do something fresh this day and everyday’ is what the International Women’s Day should be all about.

Our verdict-Kudos to the thought that a wife has a life

What will they say about you?


It is not often that we see Middle Eastern women being represented as human beings. Nike takes that existence a bit further and shows the Middle Eastern women athletes. The beginning of the commercial is in itself replete with the pressure that a woman breaking ‘norms’ face and more so in the Middle Eastern countries. The defiant look, the strength and determination on the faces of the women without placing the brand name in the forefront is what makes this commercial a favorite for International Women’s Day.

Our verdict-Keep on doing it!


Star Sports

Another commercial that puts the spotlight on sportspersons who also happen to be female is the commercial from Star Sports. It continues with the whole troupe of check out a woman but with a different meaning. Instead of checking out her appearance and objectifying her, check out her medals, her stamina, her focus on the game. Goosebumps at its best, the commercial is timed right ahead of International Women’s Day and is a fitting reply to those who believe that women cannot achieve anything.

Our verdict-Continue checking out

Let the girls be

Elle India, WEvolve:

This is an ad that every girl can relate to. The moral policing, bras being the reason for a potential apocalypse are weaved into the commercial. Without mentioning the brand even once, the commercial asks women to stop wearing society’s expectations and be themselves.  Remember to flaunt them without shame.

Our verdict-We totally agree with, Let her be. 


Ghadi detergent

Coming at the right time of Holi and International Women’s Day, this commercial talks about consent. In the name of ‘Bura na maano holi hai’ numerous girls are harassed at all times. The commercial takes on a moral route during holi. While an entitled male does smear the colors of holi on a non-consenting girl, a slap on his face lands with the girl’s parting dialogue. She tells him that the colors of holi will be washed away, but what about his perverted entitlement? Although the attempt and the focus on consent needs to be applauded, one is left wondering if moral lines like these ever will bring about any change without any grassroots effort.

Our verdict-Without consent, sab bura manenge!

This International Women’s Day, let us try and do more than just lip services to a woman’s cause. Stir up the imagination, create conversations and change the patriarchal mindset. And not stop with just one day of cause-driven commercials and the next commercial on women’s insecurities. Until then, the Happy in International Women’s Day is debatable.

This is exactly what a new video from Ms.Taken, a fashion line shows. Featuring Kriti Sanon, it asks people and brands to do more than just the lip service around the issue of women empowerment. And for those girls who are done with tokenism can wish everyone a Happy Whatever.




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