Ta na na na na dhin- Winter menu is in


People who love to eat are always the best people

Every hostel dweller and other pizza lovers swear by Dominos’ Pizza. Its wide range of tastes and cheap price means wherever there is an outlet, there is a line. The pizza chain is known for experimenting with tastes. Tickling the taste buds of pizza lovers is its latest winter menu.

But how to sell the menu to those who do not prefer a change in flavor? Hire people who will convince you to try out the taste. Popular foodies, Rocky and Mayur of Highway on My Plate take up the task of convincing the viewers. They do so, not by pitching the food to the audience, but by savoring the taste themselves.

These foodies, who have gained popularity for their daring taste buds, are enjoying two different kinds of pizza from Dominos’. While Rocky is raving about the Quattro Formagi Burst Pizza, Mayur cannot stop complimenting the Choco Pizza. But their delicious approval is interrupted by a lady who berates them for eating just before the show.

Shrugging nonchalantly the duo say that eating for them is not a task. They are after all foodies and will appreciate good food whenever it comes by.

By using two renowned foodies to sell the latest addition to the menu, Dominos does a good job of attracting new customers. The two different types of pizza, one laden with cheese and the other with chocolate, can certainly lure cheese and chocolate lovers alike.

While the earlier pitch of Dominos revolved around 30 minutes, the company seems to have caught on to the gastronomic tendencies of the customers.  As such their latest addition to the menu is to incite their regular customers along with gaining more loyalists. A person’s unparalleled love for food is what makes him a foodie. And pizza certainly a part of the foodies’ platter.

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