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Wildlife is not yours to buy

Wildlife is not yours to buy

We all have an important part to play in conserving wildlife

The weekend is here and many of us are planning to unwind through shopping. With the plethora of items available to us, it is not surprising that everyone wants to expand their personal collection. This includes our collection of clothes, shoes or artifacts.

Being literate as well as educated, we are all aware of the danger our wildlife is in because of commercial interests.  But more often than not, we turn a blind eye to this fact. This blind eye and ear of us, whether intentional or not, fuels a multi-billion dollar illegal wildlife industry.

While donor countries have committed about $190 million each year since 2010 to the Global Wildlife Program, we as individuals also have a part to play. Encouraging individual consumer’s participation, an ad will air on Discovery Networks’ channels in the Asia-Pacific region.

The #BeInformedBuyInformed ad is in tandem with the 2016 International Conference on Illegal Wildlife Trade. The advert shows wild animals in their natural setting with a voice over talking to the audience. The voice asks if the audience is one of those who believe that wildlife serves no commercial purpose.

If yes, then it is time to say no to any sort of item that harms the wildlife. Being better informed, we will buy better, thus doing our bit for nature.

With videos of animals in their natural habitat contrasting with their taxidermy pieces or reduced to handbags and trinkets, the piece sends a powerful message home. The protection of animals, those who do not have a voice, is everyone’s responsibility. If we don’t take a step now, then a whole cycle of exploitation follows which will finally come and bite us consumers.

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