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Why hide?

Why hide?

Be your own statement

How many times have you heard people asking you to cover up? Or tired of not finding a bra that fits your size? Many times too much that we have actually lost count. Putting the everyday issue and concern of women at the forefront are the latest commercials from brands that cater to women.  These commercials do not treat women as objects of desire; rather they are subjects who desire something for themselves.

One of the persistent desire of women has been captured in the spot by Elle in association with Wevolve. It captures how women feel uncomfortable about their attire at every point of time. More often than not (rather always), they are asked to cover up lest they ‘provoke’ attention. Whether it is a restaurant with a peeking cleavage, or in the office with the pallu off our shoulder, it is the women who are made to feel conscious of their clothing desire.

Even at home, there is always a nagging thought at the back of the mind about the need to cover up. Girls everywhere can relate to not raising their arms too much while wearing a sleeveless, pulling up the top during yoga, or hiding your body because the society thinks you are too fat to even wear clothes and wander outside.

Elle showcases all of these inhibitions and turns them around in their head. In fact, at the end of the commercial, it actually throws society’s notions to its face. It is time that girls dare to be free and not care about hiding who they are. Wear what you want. As covered up or as revealing as you want it to be.

Another commercial brings out hidden secrets to light. Literally for it shows women wearing bras. Not that women do not wear them, but there is the general belief that the apocalypse and the peek of a bra strap usually go hand in hand.

But Zivame breaks the norm and shows bra-clad women going about in their lives. Their bras are for everyone. Whether is for the first job, first date, first one-night stand, the company has them all in all the right fit. Their bras do not discriminate between the fair and the dusky, the fat and the petite. Zivame has products that are #FitForAll.

So why hide? It is your body. Dare to wear what you want.


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