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Terribly Cute Tails: When dogs are the star of TVCs

Terribly Cute Tails: When dogs are the star of TVCs

A collection of commercials to get through a ruff day

Everyone enjoys a creative and witty advertisement. Whether or not the advertisement raises the pitch of sales, a well-made commercial does leave a mark on audience’s minds. Advertisers today position their product in such a manner that it appeals to people’s sensibilities.

There has been a realization that commercials which feature animals have more recall value. Celebrating diversity and unity last year was Android’s ‘Friends Furever’ ad. What led to the advertisement being viewed 22 million times on Youtube was the fact that it featured the friendship between an unlikely pair of animals.

Animals in an advertisement seem to make the message and the product more humane. Dogs and puppies seem to be a popular choice for most advertisers. Whether it is to sell a car or beer, dogs have become a constant fixture in commercials. We have listed out a few adverts where oodles of cuteness are almost too much to bear. Not.

Dog Strikes Back Volkswagen

Need inspiration to lose weight? Then check out this ad by Volkswagen featuring a mutt dissatisfied with its waistline. Relate and laugh with the dog who goes through all the stages of mirror reflection, exercising and dieting. Diet wars got a new meaning with this dog commercial.

New Idea Dog Gone

If you are someone who believes that boxer dogs are inhumanely cute, then this is the right ad for you. The acting, yes acting, done by the dog is brilliant and you can actually see the changes in his expressions. Grin like a fool when you watch the advert and enjoy the twist at the end.


Budweiser Puppy Love

The premium beer company keeps up with its tagline of ‘grab some buds’ with this cute and friendly advertisement. Harping on the idea that friendship does not differentiate, the ad by the beer giant portrays a never ending friendship between a puppy and a horse. Who knew Budweiser could make you smile goofily even when sober?

Subaru Dog Tested

Subaru is a popular family car. Not just amongst humans, but also amongst the dog family, Barkleys. The commercial shows the Barkley family stopping their Subaru car to let a beautiful poodle pass by. What makes the ad hilarious is the wandering eye of the partner at the wheels. Wait for the growl!

Chevrolet Commercial-Maddie

Get your tissues ready for this commercial. Moving back in time, the advert shows the loving relationship between the dog, Maddie and her human. Laugh and cry as you recall and celebrate your best friend for life’s journey.


Our bark

Making the animal theme popular amongst the audience is the fact that neither the animals nor the product overshadow each other.

If read in-depth, the Volkswagen ad seems to be promoting weight loss to make an impression and chase after your dreams. But nevertheless, the conceptualisation of the ad by taking in elements from the life of those who want to lose weight makes for some laughter.

In the New Idea ad, the viewers can see the dissatisfaction on the dog’s face due to the changes in his home. But it is only at the end that we find out the reason for the changes and then immediately connect the dots with the brand.

Puppies and babies are a cliché that always seems to generate discussions. Featuring a puppy works well for Budweiser since it is centered on the idea of friendship. The depth of feelings between the puppy and the horse strikes the pint of buddy-ness home.

Promoting the concept of family and safety, the Subaru car commercial drives home two points. One, that it is a car which is extremely safe on the roads and secondly dogs are also part of the family that we need to look after.  The ad increases the recall value of the car brand.

The Chevrolet ad pulls at the heartstrings of those who grew up with their pets and had to let go of them at one point. Subtly positioning the brand as a friend, the car company promoted the idea that the quality of the car will create a relationship as long lasting as with your best friend.

Using dog and puppies convey the idea of honesty and loyalty to the audiences. The moment the dog comes on the screen, our subconscious connects the brand to these attributes. Whether or not this is the intention, all we have to say is that Winter is Coming. So, keep the warmth of the animal advertisements coming. We surely appreciate the efforts from these brands.

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