Whatsapp honors the Thalaivaa – Behold the Rajinikanth ‘Kabali’ emoji!


Whatsapp icon set has a new, mega, blockbuster addition or is it?

Mega star Rajinikanth has made way into your Whats app and how! For his next release, Kabali, the superstar has got his emoji featured in Whats app.

The star who already creates strides through his movies goes a step ahead and is breaking the social platform as well. With 35% of mobile users already on Whats app, the brand has commemorated this actor by adding his emoji in its platform.

The icon can be seen under the football icons, the set is reportedly trending among his fans. The emoji has a vintage Rajini look, specifically picked out from his latest venture Kabali. The emoji wears blazers and coolers sporting his hairstyle.

kabali-whatsapp-rajnikanthThere has been some speculation on the icon. According to the dictionary, the emoji means “Man in business suit levitating”. Apart from the uncanny resemblance, the icon is not really Rajini but a Walt Jabsco Emoji. But whatever it is, it sure does look like our superstar 🙂

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