A very wet Christmas for those left alone

A very wet Christmas for those left alone

When lonely nights are no longer boring

With the yuletide spirit going on full swing, people are booking tickets to be with their family and friends. After all, Christmas is all about spending time with your loved ones. Reinforcing this are the adverts released during Christmas period. With all the focus on family, there is a tendency to forget those who drink their egg schnapps alone.

But Pornhub, the companion of lonely people does not forget its loyal customers during Christmas. A recent advert released by the popular erotic site pays homage full of spoof to all the other Christmas adverts while pitching itself as the sultry online presence for those who have no one.

While recognizing a popular face on the site usually makes for awkward dreams, this commercial seems set on ruining most of the other Christmas adverts. The doppelgangers used in the Pornhub commercial have an uncanny resemblance to the original ones. With a rendition of Silent Night, Lonely Night in the background, the commercial seems a combination of John Lewis and Sainsbury settings.

An old man in suspenders reminds one of the Man on the Moon ad while Mog from Sainsbury also makes an appearance. A young woman misses her train while another is stuck in a food joint. While sadness engulfs them, Santa Claus rides by and gives them the gift most people wish on lonely nights-porn. Happiness takes on a different meaning with the Pornhub ad.

While the commercial is certainly a spoof, it does not fail to make people smile. After all, sometimes a touch can also bring about happiness. The commercial does not shy away from showing women enjoying the pleasures of Pornhub. Although the freakiness quotient of the bus station porn happiness leaves a lot to our imagination.

This is not the first time the porn site has taken on Christmas. Last year’s commercial of a grandson gifting his grandfather a Pornhub subscription certainly seemed more thoughtful.

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