A virtual honeymoon experience by Marriott Hotels


The brands’ activation campaign promises a breathtaking virtual travel experience

A couples wedding day is always close to their heart as they go down the aisle making vows and stepping into the future that lays ahead. Marriott Hotels made this day even more special for the newlyweds in NYC. About a dozen couples got a chance to spend their honeymoon in London and Hawaii that too without having to leave Manhattan!

It’s a trip created by the Oculus Rift. The brand created a 360-degree virtual reality travel tour for these couples. Right after they stepped out of the NYC’s City Hall, they were pulled into the immersive world of virtual reality. The couples entered a tube like setup and wore the Oculus Rift head gear. A mesmerizing 4D virtual journey was created using a blend of live action video and CGI. Within seconds the couples were teleported to the scenic beaches of Hawaii or the top of a London skyscraper.

The tubes were named as “Teleporters”. Besides the Oculus Rift, they had sensory elements installed within the tube like artificial sun, gusty winds, shaking grounds etc. It also had cameras running, so the couples could share their experience on social media.  The split screen in the tube showed the couples what they were experiencing to how they were reacting! Super cool eh? Using VR only amplifies the brand’s proposition to bring about tech innovation.

Experience virtual honeymoon here:


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