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United through diverse languages

United through diverse languages

Celebrating the diversity that is India

India in 2017 is more cosmopolitan and metropolitan than ever before. Every nook and corner café in urban India overflows with people having conversations in English or conversing on their phone. A segment of these café going, bar hopping populace are people who have migrated from some other state. Coming from another state implies that we think in our mother tongue and then translate the words while not speaking in English.

Having a different spoken language amongst your group of friends makes for interesting conversations as well as leaves the ground open for a lot of teasing. Whether it is the way you pronounce a certain word or mess up the whole sentence, the supply of jokes is endless.

Yet, while continuing to think in mother tongues, everyone makes an attempt at understanding and learning the local language. It is about assimilating with the local culture and this is exactly what the latest commercial by Ola shows.

In this age of app filled life, no one really needs to talk to move around. A tap and a vehicle is at your door to drop you off. The places which are visited does not require conversation in the local language. Yet each one tries to speak in the local tongue.

Whether it is a Tamilian in Bengal, a Punjabi in Bangalore or someone from somewhere in a new city-Mumbai, Delhi etc, everyone tries. It is this trial that makes India all the more appealing. Everyone tries to find a home in the diversity amidst them. Ultimately our mother tongue is a part of the overall country that is India. So we are all actually speaking Indian.

This commercial by Ola is an attempt to promote local languages in a sea of English Grammar Nazis.

#SpeakIndian. After all, Aisa Desh Hai Mera.


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