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Time to save your lungs

Time to save your lungs

Taking your breath away

It is usually said that giving up smoking is not that hard. After all, people have tried doing that a thousand times. But what if you see your lungs suffering because of it?

This is exactly what the new stop-motion campaign for Food & Drug Administration Centre for Tobacco Products wants you to feel (created by FCB New York as a part of the award-winning ‘The Real Cost’ campaign).  Featuring a pair of shriveled lungs, the adverts are mostly aimed at teens who take up smoking under peer pressure or on their own volition.

The adverts called little lungs in a great big world shows a pair of huffing and puffing lungs who never grew up on account of the fact that they started smoking as a teenager. Hanging out with a bunch of properly grown up lungs, the tiny lungs realize their mistake every time they are in trouble; whether it is skiing on the ice or the gym class. In none of the adverts do the lungs survive; serving as a metaphor for an early death due to smoking.

For all the smokers out there, time to quit maybe for the sake of your lungs?


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