Time is the greatest gift for your family

Time is the greatest gift for your family

When it is Christmas, family is your priority

With Christmas just about a month away, the famous supermarket store in Britain, Sainsbury, is prepping up people for the festive season. The brand hopes to recreate the magic of last year. Its 
Christmas advert featuring Mog the cat got 26 million reviews, 3 million more than John Lewis’s #ManOnTheMoon.

And in all probability it might be successful, what with all the family sweetness seeping through the advert. Roping in James Corden seems to be working in their favor. His “The greatest gift I can give my family is me!” is going to be with the audience for a long time to come.

The commercial is all about the family and the struggles of a regular British family before Christmas. From last minute shopping to delayed trains and impromptu office parties, the commercial touches all the aspects. Showcasing a bi-racial family, it features an animated character, the father trying to find time for his family during Christmas.

Balancing work and family has become difficult for him and he wishes he could be at multiple places at once. Coming home, he realizes that all his family wants is for him to spend some time with them. Seeing his gingerbread replica, an ingenious idea strikes him and he starts making toy clones of himself. This allows him the freedom to celebrate Christmas with his family. After all, he himself is the greatest gift for the family.

Featuring props that remind people of Christmas-gingerbread biscuits, Christmas tree and shopping queues, it also hits the right note on the family aspect. The 3-minute animated film directed by Chris Fell features the Christmas spirit by focusing on love. Family and Christmas is all about love and the adverts gets it right by featuring a bi-racial family as well as two same-sex families. The festive season is about spending time with your loved ones. Sainsbury does not fail to send this message home.

Keeping up with its idea of Christmas is for sharing, Sainsbury has teamed up with Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity. The proceeds from the sale of Sainsbury goods will be donated to help patients of Great Ormond Street Hospital spend time with their families.

Love and more love is what Christmas is all about.

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