The snake is back

The snake is back

Nokia set to take the market with its invincibility

Techies and all other 2000’s kids rejoice. Our favorite phone is back and that too with the famous snake game. Yes, you heard that right! The Nokia 3310 is all set to hit the market. Touted as a modern classic, this handset is making a nostalgic return all thanks to the Nokia branded phone maker-HMD.

However, unlike its predecessor, it runs on the Nokia Series 30+ software, with a 2.4-inch QVGA display, a 2 MP camera and a microSD slot. Although the specifications are quite basic compared to our modern phones, the new version of Nokia 3310 is quite light along with colorful variations.

Opera Mini on the phone is bundled enough for basic web surfing. But the selling point of the phone apart from the snake game is its battery life. The standby time on the phone is 31 days along with a talk time of 22 hours. But this is a given as there is no chance of wasting battery life by surfing Facebook.

Since the Nokia 3310 does not come with any of the latest Android features, it would not be wrong to call the phone a hiatus. After all, it allows you to stay in touch with people without going online for the same.


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