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The silence of the scars

The silence of the scars

Millions of children have marks they never wanted

We all want a tattoo. There is no denying that. For some tattoos are the visible and important marks of their personality. Most tattoos have meanings hidden behind them, telling a story without words. But then there are marks which have turned into scars.

The marks of violence are the ones that have a long lasting impact. Behind every picture perfect family, there might be a child who has been silently suffering from violence. An introverted child might be the victim of bullying; a homeless child might be the victim of sexual violence. These marks are the burdensome scars.

It is these scars that a shirtless David Beckham wants to show. While the two words shirtless and Beckham rile up our fantasies, this time the football legend does it for the children. Popular for his inked-up body, the Goodwill ambassador lets his tattoos speak for the thousands of children who suffer from different kinds of violence.

Tattoos speak the needful

With a child’s voice over saying ‘Violence marks forever’, the tattoo’s on David Beckham’s videos take a life of its own.  The animated tattoos aka scars show different places where a child suffers from abuse-home, school, parks, online communities etc.  The video does not gloss over the fact that both boys and girls suffer from violence and more often than not in the hands of someone known to them. Portraying the irony of an age where children should be enjoying their childhood than nurse invisible wounds is flying animated bird.

Creating awareness about the issue of violence against children is extremely important. UNICEF reports suggest that 2/3rd of 190,000 children have personally experienced violence. Police and law enforcers were the biggest perpetrators (33%) while parents and caregivers account for 28% of violence. Bullying being a major issue affecting children, reports suggest that peer groups account for 29% of the violence rates.

UNICEF has been tirelessly engaging in creating safe spaces for children and bringing the issue to the forefront. David Beckham’s partnership with UNICEF is not surprising. He has, in fact, been associated with the organization for the past 10 years. He also launched 7: The David Beckham UNICEF Fund committed to helping vulnerable children.

While some have the privilege of choosing the marks on their skin, few children have been forced to bear the burden of violent marks.  But “it is wrong. End it”.


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