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The brand that is Dhoni

The brand that is Dhoni

O captain! My captain!

Captain cool is probably chilling a lot after stepping down from his captaincy of the Indian T20 and ODI team. This decision has probably come as a surprise to his fans in this cricket crazy nation. Although his formal and cool reign over the Indian team may have ended, MS Dhoni has continued and will continue to rule over the heart of his fans.

When he came onto the field in 2004, the former ticket collector from Kharagpur had no idea about the sensation that he would become. He became so popular that not only the cricket team relied on him, but so did various brands. With such a cool and grounded cricketer in their hands, advertisers now combined his appeal with the product that they wanted to sell.

Thus was born brand Dhoni, promoting everything from the game itself to household fans. Although Virat Kohli seemed to have taken over Dhoni with his flamboyant style, Dhoni’s net worth in 2016 was about $31 million.

Being the captain of the Indian team along with having actual skills as a cricketer, MS Dhoni captured the market very soon. In fact, his hairstyle had become a brand in itself and news channels went haywire when he chopped them off. As far as his endorsements are concerned, until his captaincy lasted, he was estimated to be earning about $28 million.

Maybe it was his aura or his overall personality which made him such a popular figure with the advertisers. In fact, it won’t be wrong to say that after Sachin Tendulkar, Dhoni was probably the most popular marketing face.

Over the years, Dhoni has endorsed a number of brands, the favorites of which we have listed below-

• The Pepsi ad

With overtones of Yanna Rascala, MS Dhoni promoted the ever popular drink in an extremely comical way. However, this ad made him even more appealing to his fans. Mind it!

• Aircel ad

This as an ad was truthful in showing the kind of appeal that MS Dhoni has amongst his young fans. As Dhoni joins a few boys during their gully cricket, the admiration is evident on their faces.

• TVS ad

Dhoni’s love for bikes is quite evident and advertisers cashed in on that in this promotion for TVS bikes. An appearance and dance with Prabhudeva surely added to the appeal.

• Orient fans

Overloading the cuteness quotient is this ad by Orient that features MS Dhoni and a dog. Enough said.

• Videocon

Dhoni’s popularity soared so high that he even featured in an ad with the King of Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan. Watch the ad for the funny twist.

• Lava mobile

A creative and funny commercial, the banter between Prateek Babbar and MS Dhoni is extremely refreshing.

What made Dhoni successful as the brand ambassador was the fact that he was forever in his element. The lines that he delivered, the dance moves which he attempted seemed natural and spoke to the audiences.

It was this cool factor that made MS Dhoni our favorite captain. He might have bid adieu to his captaincy but he will never stop being our captain.

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