Tech faux pas of the year


2016: A tech mishap odyssey

It will not be too wrong to call 2016 a year of experiments gone wrong. While the political atmosphere is still ripe with different sort of conflicts and dissent, in the technological department also not everything was gay. We have listed out the major technological embarrassments of the year that caused quite the alarm. These are the ones we miss and hope they have a good comeback.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Just gonna stand there and watch me burn’ could be the brand song for Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Exploding at airports, this phone was and will continue to be Samsung’s albatross around the neck. Recall value took on a different meaning for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones. Even with 2 instances of recall the dangerous problem of overheating continued. Exploding at airports and airplanes, Samsung asked users to shut them off. Yet consumers still continued to use the phone until the whole manufacturing of the phone was shut down. Talk about loyalty.


The Vine-yard

With social media ruling every part of our lives, it is no surprise that technology is geared towards enhancing the user’s social media experience. Adding to the fray was Vine, the looping video app. The launch of the app propelled it to an almost number 1 status prompting users to declare it an immediate hit. But Instagram struck back with features that sounded like a death knell for Vine. In fact, Vine died down with the launch of Video for Instagram. But that does not mean that it is not being missed. In fact, reports are abuzz about its comeback in 2017 with better features.


Self-balancing hover board

While Ki and Ka really tried hard to with their ‘gender equality’, the one thing in the movie that caught the techies’ eyes in India was the hoverboard.  Although hoverboards have been long in existence and still might seem like something out of a sci-fi movie, they have been raising quite the smoke alarm. And we mean that quite literally for hoverboards in the US have been suddenly catching fire.  While one section of the populace is still trying to figure out the use of the self-balancing scooters, the other half is trying not to feel too saddened by this technological glitch. The hoverboards had been banned by several major airlines from hovering with their passengers.skateboard_big

Technological Frankenstein anyone?

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