Tearing it down with love

Tearing it down with love

Walls can’t keep anyone apart

At a time when freedom of expression, love, and faith is at stake, one needs some kind of silver lining to still have hope. And what better way to provide this hope than breaking down a metaphorical wall with love?

This is exactly what the latest Diesel ad does in its spot ‘Make Love, Not Walls’. Set to Higher Love by Alex Vargas, the spot features a wall that is gradually broken down with love. Only a heart shaped hole is left behind.

The spot starts with a flower on the ground on the other side of the wall. A topless guy in presumably Diesel jeans throws the flower to the other side. Surprisingly he gets flowers in return and gradually people start breaking the wall to be with each other. Featuring talented dancers, same-sex marriage, a transgender model and people of different religions, this is one of the best ads of the year about inclusivity.

And do keep a look out for the psychedelic tank in the background.

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