Experience the virtual reality roller coaster at Six Flags


The 15 year old roller coaster at Six Flags has been revived as a VR experience

The Superman Ride of Steel rollercoaster is now open to thrill you away. We had already covered an article about the roller coaster earlier. You can read it here

Before the ride, a Samsung headset gear is strapped on to your head. The entire coaster movement has been synced with a virtual reality story line featuring Superman. There is a perfect sync between the position of the coaster and the story running in the VR. This is possible due to the presence of physical black sensors on the coaster which measures the revolution of the wheels.

During the ride, one enters the town Metropolis, which is under attack and Superman is all set to save the town. And heck even you! What’s more, if the rider looks down, they can see the costume of the futuristic world re outfitted on them.

Catch the amazing ride here:

Source: The Verge YouTube channel
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