Start your weekend with some bun maska

Mumbai Meri Hai_HT

A dhansak affair

A walk down the lanes of South Mumbai is incomplete without a pit stop at one of the Irani cafes tucked in a corner. The smell of bun maska, Irani chai, and dhansak combined with memories wafts a smell that is hard to ignore.

Conceptualized by Hindustan Times, Mumbai Meri Hai is all about the all-encompassing and welcoming nature of Mumbai. Mumbai Meri Hai celebrates the glory of the Irani Cafes, ones which still attract the Mumbaikars in hordes.

The rounded rosewood tables, checkered tablecloths, and antique clocks; all of them feel deliciously familiar. Although a number of Irani Cafes have closed down due to competition from popular fast food outlets, nothing will ever replace the charm of the Khari biscuits.

It is exactly this nostalgia and love that the commercial revisits and showcases. After all, Aamchi Mumbai right?

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