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When Star Wars meets Christmas

When Star Wars meets Christmas

Children are the Rogue Ones in this hospital galaxy

Once again Duracell has brightened up Christmas for everyone, especially the Star Wars fans with their new commercial. Their latest spot, How the Rebels Saved Christmas combines Christmas cheer with Star Wars fervor. A recipe for success, the advert aims to spread cheer to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

Duracell shows how imagination is the magic in itself and can turn a mundane day into a fun-filled one. The commercial sees children in a hospital, suit up and band together like the rebellious heroes of Star Wars: Rogue One. They battle through the hallways complete with Star Wars nerf guns, trying to get the Death Star, the Empire’s new weapon. Looked on by amused hospital staff, the children, who are actually patients, find their enjoyment in the simplest things. ‘Battling’ the ‘forces’, they deliver the plans in the form of R2-D2 powered by Duracell to another sick child.

Tugging at the audiences’ heartstrings, the commercial play its purpose of prepping up for Christmas season along with the new Star Wars movie. It shows the role imagination plays in the healing process. Children revel in their innocence; the circumstances do not matter to them.

Following the path of Star Wars, this advertisement is actually a sequel to Duracell’s Force Awakens spot released last year. Like the suburban household meets Star Wars theme last year, the commercial this year also uses the Star Wars props effectively.

Placing the commercial in a hospital seems extremely apt for battling illness at such a young age seems equivalent to taking on the Dark Side. The R2-D2 could stand for the medicine or even simply the robot, providing solace to children when they are suffering.

The entire point of the ad is that the battle is taking place in the kid’s imagination. And fueling this imagination are batteries from Duracell. After all, a powerful imagination requires a powerful charge.

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