Sibling warmth for the cold nights

Sibling warmth for the cold nights

Get ready for a warm and fuzzy feeling

In an advertising world dominated with the miraculous and fast-paced transformation of rough hair into good one, Parachute advansed has dared to be different. Spreading the #MagicOfWarmth, Parachute has recently released an engaging commercial.

Instead of girls flipping their hair and complaining about their hair at all times, this film focuses on the love-hate relation between siblings. While watching the commercial, the audience does not realize that a product is about to promoted.

The commercial starts with an irritated sister, constantly bothered by the uncaring and aloof attitude of her brother. Her brother is least bothered about switching off the alarm, keeping the noise low, keeping the room clean or filling up the petrol. Her irritation level reaches a breaking point when he gives his unasked view on her relationship status. She pushes his plate of food away, complaining about his uncaring attitude and storms off. As she sits crying in the dark, she thinks it is her mother who has come to console. But it is her brother with a bottle of Parachute advansed oil to relieve her of the stress.

The beauty of the ad lies in the fact that the actors do not even mention the name of the product. The camera simply zooms in on the blue bottle while the brother massages his sister’s hair. The launch and the tagline of the product is well placed during the winters. If looked at closely, the discomfort associated with rough hair during the winters is quite visible. The girl keeps on twirling her hair and the hair is also fuzzy and unkempt.

Using the oil serves the purpose smoothening out the rough edges while at the same time making their relationship smooth.

Keep spreading the warmth Parachute.

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