Screen the screens away from your child

Screen the screens away from your child

Outdoor activities with friends are one of the best memories of the childhood

Technology has penetrated our lives in ways we could have never imagined. The childhood of millennials or even the ones before was occupied with playing hopscotch on the playgrounds. Opposed to that, kids today are engaging in a fight between animated birds and pigs. Chota Bheem and Doraemon are names they are more familiar with than neighborhood kids of their own age.

Since the polluted environment increases the risk of dengue and chikungunya, parents prefer their children to stay indoors than get infected.  This Children’s Day, Good knight takes on the aversion of going outside and shows the side effects of the same while promoting its product.

Play date with imaginary friends

The Good knight advert features a number of happy children who share the names of their friends with a faceless voice. But instead of regular names rolling off their tongues, their friends are Superman, Princess Elsa, Oggy, Doraemon and many other fictional characters. This should not come as a surprise because today’s children have grown up surrounded more with screens than with real people.

But having animated friends is not just the only way to enjoy your childhood. It is also about going out, rolling in the dirt, inventing  games and making new friends. The advert questions parents whether being stuck indoors is how they want their children to grow up.

Good knight assures parents that they have nothing to worry about with the new Good knight Fabric Roll . After all, children are at an age where every day needs to be #ChildrensPlayDay.

The advertisement very cleverly combines the promotion of the product along with a message that is becoming increasingly relevant. Because children hardly devote any time to playing outdoors, a new level of imaginary friendship has developed. Children like their superheroes and it is good for them to admire their traits. But it becomes a different thing when superheroes are their only friends.  That is why Good knight tells children-Ek, do, teen, char, khulke khelo ghar ke bahar.


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