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3M Scotch Brite’s “Wash your bill” on ground activation campaign


An ingenious campaign where diners tried the sponge brand while getting a free meal

Scotch-Brite, despite being the No.1 sponge brand in Brazil, had low penetration among the younger audiences. To draw itself closer to this set, Scotch-Brite teamed up with restaurants in São Paulo which hosted the target audience. After their meal, the diners were given an invitation from the sponge brand. Instead of paying their bill, they could wash their dishes.

The brand has made good use of the old saying “If you can’t pay the bill, you will have to wash the dishes”. Instead of sticking with its traditional marketing, it teamed up with Grey 141 to reach younger demographics. Together they came up with this week long innovative campaign. The campaign certainly connects with the younger crowd, giving them not only a free dish but also a unforgettable experience!

Watch the campaign below

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