The salt that you can see – FUNDACIÓN FAVALORO


A direct marketing campaign by Grey Argentina

Excessive salt can be hazardous for one’s health. However, determining the salt content in the food is difficult as one cannot see salt.

Fundación Favaloro and Grey Argentina teamed up to create colored salt. During the World Salt Awareness Day, people could not only get free tests at the Foundation´s hospital but also received a salt shaker. The colored salt was also distributed in other places like supermarkets, restaurants and public places.

The campaign even impressed one of the most important salt manufacturer in Argentina. It attracted a lot of support from the media, both digital and offline. The campaign received over 16 million impressions, reached over 9 lakhs users on Facebook in 2 days and over 100 celebrities joined the hashtag #salfie on Instagram.
The campaign has been awarded with tons of Lions at Cannes 2015. This includes 2 golds and a silver for promo & activation and a bronze in PR.
See the salt magic here:

Source: Grey Argentina YouTube Channel
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