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Respect the rainbow in the spectrum

Elle India

“Gender is who you go to bed as. Sexuality is who you sleep with.”  This is a powerful statement made in a recent Elle video.

With June being LGBT Pride month and the acceptance of LGBT rights occurring on different tandems in different countries, this video comes at just the right time.  Taiwan has legalized same-sex marriage, whereas Indonesia has started a purge against the LGBT community. The Indian government, on the other hand, has turned a blind eye to the very existence of the LGBT populace. Apart from policies for the anatomically different transgender community, the Indian society does not at look beyond the gendered lenses. Patriarchy and toxic masculinity come together to create rigid boundaries, the transgression of which invites criticism.

Alok Menon, a gender non-conforming person, and well-known artists talk about their daily harassment and disrespect. A non-binary person talks about how people find it difficult to accept that she does not explicitly identify herself with one gender.The transgender person shares about her identity being discarded as a disorder. Given that gender is nothing more than socialization, it is high time we stop labeling people and putting them in boxes for our own comfort.

After all, one important thing which Harry Potter taught us that no one deserves to stay in the closet. Come out and celebrate who you are. The rest will ultimately fall into place.



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