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Relive your childhood with these nostalgic ads

Relive your childhood with these nostalgic ads

A trip down the memory lane for those who are a child at heart

If there was something called #ThrowbackMonday, then 14th November 2016 would surely make the list of every millennial. Being an adult is far more troublesome than we ever imagined it to be. Remember when we used to say, I can’t wait to grow up and get away from my parents? Well, the tide has turned and our parents are probably irritated by the number times we call to complain about missing ghar ka khana. Burdened with unpaid bills, binge eating/ drinking and unfulfilled passions, all of us would like to go back to the cocoon of childhood. But since that is not possible, here is a collection of a few commercials which were and will continue to be a part of our childhood.

Dhara- Jalebi Ad

We know you just said jalebi like the kid in the commercial. Probably one of the most popular ads of the 90’s, the Dhara commercial won over our hearts with the simplicity of its message. Just like all of us during childhood, the kid in the advertisement decides to ‘leave’ home. But when he hears about hot and sweet jalebi being prepared at home, he comes back and everything ends sweetly. Our mothers surely went through a lot trying to recreate those iconic jalebis for us.



No one likes drinking milk as a child, some of us not even now. But Bournvita changed the whole concept of it. Associating milk with strength and confidence, Bournvita pitched itself in a manner that it became the favorite of parents and children willingly drank it. What is interesting is that Bournvita still follows the notion of the same attributes even in changing times, making it an all time favorite. Also, watch out for Varun Dhawan in the old commercial.


Surf excel

Daag ache hain might have and still probably is the nightmare of many mothers. But the tagline which has stuck over the years never fails to bring a smile to our faces. One of the older and the cuter ones is the commercial with the two siblings. As the sister falls into the mud and starts crying, her brother fights with the mud, dirtying himself in the process. “Sorry bola” at the end makes you laugh and cry at the same time.


At a time when certain beverages were out of our reach, Rasna was our go-to drink. Promising the taste of natural fruity flavor at a cheap price, this drink was the toast of our childhood parties. Warning– The ‘oohhhoo’  will lead to an extremely goofy grin.

Dare you to get the jingle out of your head once you watch this commercial. Positioning the power of the brand, the advert showed that even a tortoise could fly if it chewed bubble gum. The animated commercial is actually cuteness overload and remembered for any of the millennials.

It is true that our childhood can never come back and that it is time to face the reality. But sometimes an escape to an older, stress-free world does lift the spirits. These ads remind us of what we have left behind and how lucky are those who are still children. But don’t you worry child, heaven’s got a plan for you.








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