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Pyaar ki raah mein…once again

Pyaar ki raah mein…once again

Men will always remain men

If you are someone who does not let your liver feel too alone on weekends or sometimes even mid-week, then you are familiar with Imperial Blue. No, we are not going to talk about its taste and compare it with the other brands. Rather we are going to applaud the brand for coming back with their iconic Men will be Men tagline.

Yes, Imperial Blue is back with their spots which highlight how most cis heterosexual men behave in the presence of women they find appealing. The brand has remained true to highlighting the attitude of men in their latest commercials.

One of the commercial is set in a flight where in a young (and obviously pretty) lady is trying to find her seat. The seat seems to be the middle seat between two men and the happiness is evident on their face. But surprise, the seat is for the girl’s grandfather. As the girl walks away, the disappointment is evident on his face as ‘pyaar ki raah mein continues playing in the background.

The other spot is in a late night office setting where two men are working late in a frustrated mood while a girl is busy on her phone. They both hope for respite as the sound of heels clicking on the floor resonates throughout the hall. Craning their necks they hope to catch a glimpse of this alluring woman. But are thoroughly disappointed when it is just a man with incredibly well-maintained shoes. ‘Pyaar ki raah mein…’ will continue for these men as well it seems.

We know when men have set their heart upon a woman, they go to all lengths to impress her. Imperial Blue also knows this and plays upon it in another spot. In his ‘pyaar ki raah mein…’ the guy tries to impress his date/girlfriend by listening to classical music in his car. However, once he drops her off, his actual desi avatar comes out and he drives off listening to the latest Punjabi songs.

Alcohol brands in India still need to resort subversive advertising due to strict advertising regulations. Not that we are complaining about the previous numerous Imperial Blue ads. But maybe, it is time to review the laws and allow brands to advertise their alcohol in moderation.






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