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As the festive month of Ramazan comes around, brands also join the bandwagon to associate themselves with togetherness and festivity that surrounds this holy time. Surf Excel (Pakistan) has been one of the few brands that have brought human virtues to the fore in their campaigns.

The recent commercial #NekiEkIbadat created by Lowe Lintas on the occasion of Ramadan strikes all the right chords with its soulful music and heart-touching portrayal of a little boy helping out an elderly. Kids have always been a part of Surf Excel campaigns worldwide and have impacted the brand in the most emphatic way.

The commercial shows a kid being woken up by his mom for Sehri (the first meal taken before the sunrise during Ramazan) but the kid instead goes out and helps an elderly neighbor, denoting the selfless act as the part of the festivity.

The ad is an extension of previous campaign ‘MadadEkIbadat’  which was released in 2016 and managed to achieve more than a million views within a short span of time.While the trope of kid-dirtying-their-cloth has always been a part of ‘Dirt is Good’ concept from Surf Excel, thankfully it has aptly adapted brand emotions across different demographics and different cultures. If cleanliness is next to godliness then dirt must bring out the inherent goodness in everyone. After all, the true spirit of Ramazan lies in putting others before self.



Ad campaign:  Neki Ek Ibadat (Dirt is Good)

Brand: Surf Excel Pakistan

Chairman and Chief Creative Officer: Arun Iyer

Agency: Lowe Lintas, Mumbai

Director: Vasan Bala

Production: Absolute Productions

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