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Please check me out

Please check me out

Check out them medals

Women are always checked out. Whether they are walking down the streets or traveling somewhere, the unwanted attention is always there. One might argue that it’s a man choice to look just like it’s a woman’s choice to, well exist. But the one point that is always missed is that the checking out of women leads to objectification and violence against them.

This International Women’s Day, Star Sports has turned around the concept of checking out. Their #CheckOutMyGame encourages people to check out women. But instead of checking out how these women look or dress up, the video asks people to check out their achievements.

Featuring various sportswomen in the country, the video is all about the stamina, girth, and determination of women. Battling all odds to get to their goal, these are the women who need to be checked out for their stamina, their serve, their dive. Above all, check out the likes of PV Sindhu and Sakshi Malik for their Olympic medals.

So, please go ahead and check them out. Compare your own achievements and then ask yourself, do you even deserve to look at them in the eye.

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