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Pink and blue are colors, not identities

Pink and blue are colors, not identities

Drive away gender stereotypes

Tired of all the ‘women can’t drive’ or ‘pink is only for women’ jokes? Well, you are not alone. Even Audi, the luxury car brand is also done with them and it does not shy away from showing them how. It promotes its latest car Audi R8 with a Barbie. Yes, you heard that right, the TVC breaks a number of gender stereotypes and we can’t help but applaud it.

Set in a toy store, the TVC gives off a combining feel of Night at The Museum and Toy Story as the toys come alive. Interestingly like real life stores, the TVC also shows two toy sections- pink and blue for girls and boys alike. A Barbie, all dressed in pink, takes charge of her ride as her carriage (pink again) breaks down. She jumps over to the boy’s section in search for a ride. Taking a cue from reality, Barbie is catcalled as she makes her way over to a car that she might like. An Audi R8 comes into the scene and assumes that Barbie might want to sit in the passenger seat. But surprise, she sits on the driver’s side and explores the store.

On her drive, she encounters other Barbies playing soccer while macho-man GI Joe sips his tea instead of chugging a pint of beer.

As morning approaches, she drives away and stops when the store is full of people. A young boy picks up the car but his mother takes out Barbie from the car. Patriarchy gets another smack when the kid picks up Barbie as well along with the car. After all, why can’t both go together?

As much as we know that the TVC is ultimately about increasing the sale of AudiR8, for those of us who can’t afford, it is a positive effort.

Audi is not the first company to challenge the patriarchal stereotypes. There are many other commercials that have been trying to dismantle patriarchal socialization as a move towards #ChangingTheGame.

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