An emoji & pepsi for every mood: The #PepsiMoji campaign


Pepsi’s vending machine that gives you a free Pepsi and is whole lot of fun!

The beverage brand surprised a Delhi college campus with its latest activation campaign: Jaisa mood waisi pepsi! It did something really special for students (yet again) during this exam time. The brand installed an interactive ‘Mood Vending Machine’ at Venky college, Delhi. As the students came out of the exam halls, all miserable, the #PepsiMoji came as a dose of glee to them. The brand changed their distressed moods into a buubly one and even gave free pepsi!

The #PepsiMoji campaign is an extension to the brand’s “Say it with Pespi” campaign. In this activation campaign, the brand’s machine asks you to select a mood from a pre-defined set of 6 moods that includes party, happy, naughty, etc.

Go craziii .. kiss the vending machine 😛

So how does one earn their free Pepsi? Go to the machine and select your mood. Then simply express that mood to the Pepsi machine and if the machine is satisfied, it gives you a Pepsi. Super cool eh?

The campaign “A good exam ends with #PepsiMoji” has struck off well with the students, it totally makes their day after the exam stress.  It of course created loads of word of mouth publicity! Hats off to the makers for this campaign.

Watch the Delhi Campus PepsiMoji here:

Source: Pepsi India
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