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Paving a caring road

Paving a caring road

Care is in the smallest gestures

As the year ended, Samsung gave the audience a very emotional and heart-warming commercial. It shows Amit, a service manager from Samsung getting up on the service van as he receives a call asking him to repair a TV before 7 pm.

His journey is impeded by many obstacles like a fallen tree or a very unwilling herd of sheep. With the journey of the van, we see that the place which Amit is traveling to is a remote area. Yet he keeps on reassuring the lady who keeps on calling him that he will reach before 7 pm.

Once he reaches, he is surprised when a blind girl opens the door. It is evident from the surprised look on his face that he is wondering about how exactly will she watch the TV. Nevertheless, he sets about repairing the Samsung TV. Once he announces that the TV has been repaired, he stays back to see how exactly are they going to watch the television.

The girl rings the bell and a number of other visually impaired children congregate in the TV room. As the clock strikes 7, everyone tunes into Junior Indian Icon on the TV. As one of the contestants, Prerna sings, all the children in the TV room starts crooning along with her. A flabbergasted Amit looks on until he is informed that the contestant is actually a resident of this hostel.

Samsung very brilliantly markets its services by focusing on how it caters to each and everyone’s needs.#SamsungCares is about ‘We Will Take Care Of You, Wherever You Are. ’

This ad seems to be a continuation of Samsung’s effort to come off as a brand for the people. One of its recent ad, #SapneHueBade, was about making use of technology to have the best of education.

With Samsung, after all, nothing is hard to imagine.

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