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A pan full of racism

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She’s All That and more

Each one of us certainly remembers the cult geek-turned-gorgeous romance movie She’s All That. Admit it; almost everyone had a crush on its lead actress, Rachel Cook Leigh. But this actress was also the face for a PSA on drug usage at the heights of her popularity. A pan and eggs were all she used in the PSA.

She is back again with her pan. However, this time, the anger is directed not only on the usage of drugs but also the overall drug policy. She is still there with her pan and eggs as a metaphor for the human (brain). But this time,  she does not talk about the ill effects of drugs on a human brain which she usually symbolizes by crushing the egg. However, this new PSA has a brown egg and a white egg. Speaking about the drug policy in the USA, she points out how the brown egg (person) is more likely to be targeted and incarcerated for drug usage in comparison to a white egg (person). This affects not only their cognitive capacities but also their future studies, career and family life.

This PSA is a take on the drug policy that started due to the War on Drugs by Richard Nixon. Statistics have pointed out how there has been a 500 percent increase in incarceration rates in the USA which mostly affects the poor families from the minority populace. Brown skin of people has always been used synonymously with drug use and incarceration in the USA and Rachel’s pan aims to stop this.




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