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P.S. You need to take note

P.S. You need to take note

Vigilance, Actually

What is the first thing that comes to our mind when we hear about 10 Things I Hate About You, She’s All That and the myriad other feel good movies? Rom-com, sigh. Embodiment of romance, these movies had us looking for our prospective partner in school hallways. Taking a break from reality, such high school romance movies either have us wishing for the same or gagging at the predictable plot line. Nevertheless these movies are everyone’s guilty pleasure and are the secret stash for ice-cream and cake marathons.

Making sure that advertisements are not devoid of romantic cliches, SandyHook released a commercial with all the romantic troupes alive. It does not even shy away from using over the top cheerful background score. The story begins in a library, with a conversation  between two people who do not know each other. However, with the yearbook signing, the couple finally meets for a happy ending and the consumer waits for the cheesy tagline to drop. Take a look at the commercial here for a high school throwback.

And now look at it again, when the shooter interrupts the meeting of the couple and creates mass hysteria. While the audience was engrossed in the love story, another character was planning a shooting in the school. He showed visible signs of his intent, yet no one spared him a second look. He had all the tell-tale signs of a shooter in making. The commercial encourage people to Know The Signs.

In fact, this commercial is not far removed from reality. In USA, since 2013, there have been 205 school shootings, meaning at least one per week. Schools; which are a safe space for everyone, turns into a mess of bodies and blood. The 2012 Sandy Hook school shooting that left 28 dead still haunts people. While politicians debate about gun control, there has actually been no abatement.

That is why this commercial tells people to take the matter into their own hands before someone else takes up a gun . In fact, reports suggest that shooters usually drop hints about their intent before acting upon it. A little vigilance and support goes a long way in preventing a disaster.

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