Opening Pandora’s Box

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Everything will sound like you

Technology is all about providing everything at the tip and convenience of your fingers. Taking help of this technology is Pandora, the music streaming, and automated music recommendation service. However, now Pandora has decided to go a step further and developed a premium service for its users. The basic idea is that every user is unique and has a different musical taste.

Pandora Premium is more than just music on-demand. Sounds Like You is about finding the music you like and even more importantly the music you want finding you. Using signals like thumbs replay, skips and station add, Pandora Premium curates songs for music lovers. However, the best part about Pandora Premium is that it is tuned to the needs of the users.

Moreover, big shots of the music industry are a part of Pandora Premium. It includes the collection of music by Big Sean, Amine, Gorillaz, etc. It sounds like this musical talents, and it sounds like you as well.

 “Sounds Like You” is going live via multiple platforms which include digital ads and billboards, influencer programs with Pitchfork; digital shorts (directed by Academy Award winner Michel Gondry); and social media activations and a custom Pandora emoji on Twitter. The campaign was created entirely by Pandora’s in-house creative and design teams. DigitasLBi San Francisco facilitated the digital and out-of-home production, as well as the media strategy.

So what are you music lovers waiting for? Unleash your personal musical connection of Pandora’s Box.

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