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Only 90s parents will remember this

Only 90s parents will remember this

A throwback to the time of ‘Humara Bajaj’

In 2009, when Bajaj stopped manufacturing its Chetak scooter, many Indian middle-class families put a cover, not only on the scooter but also their memories.  An era of riding pillion with family or pretending to ride the scooter were all finally coming to an end.

The Bajaj Chetak two-wheeler was probably the first symbol of India’s progress towards having a middle class. It was a ride of aspirations; bookings would take place one and half years prior to actually laying hands on it. The image of an Indian family with the husband riding the scooter with one kid in front and the mother at the back with a baby will forever be embedded in our memories. Humara Bajaj sold the scooter to the consumers. Gradually, a scooter with sputtering two-stroke Indian made gears was becoming synonymous with economic progress.

Being able to show off a Bajaj scooter was a matter of pride. It was probably the first ever scooter of our father’s and grandfather’s lives. Cleaning the scooter on the front porch to continue its shine was a regular occurrence.

With Doordarshan being the popular medium of communication at that time, Bajaj resorted to popularizing their product on television. The tagline and jingle of Humara Bajaj stuck over the years. Representing the changing economic scenario of the country, Bajaj invested in promoting the Indianness of the vehicle.

A middle-class family waiting for the delivery of its Bajaj scooter captured the mood of many Indian families. The level of excitement was unmatched, owning the scooter meant a march forward to economic stability. The Bajaj scooter also reflects the polite and truthful nature of Indian people. The old campaign included strength and integrity in its communication and defined bajaj as the scooter of the nation.

To recapture old tales, Bajaj has decided to give people a chance at making new memories. Reports are circulating that Bajaj is making an upgraded comeback with its Chetak scooters. Already popular amongst the motorcycle segment, Bajaj has decided to compete with Vespa and Honda Activa. Recreating the admiration of old times,isn’t that everyone wants?

Hamara Bajaj is once again set to be a way of life.

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