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No more wasting time with women’s safety

No more wasting time with women’s safety

ACTive tracking for safety purposes

It is extremely true that money cannot buy you time. But it can surely buy you a watch which shows the time. If you are a girl or identify as a girl,  than what better way to invest your money than on Titan Sonata?

In common parlance, when we think Titan, we recall flashy actresses with lithe hands and the foreboding of an empty wallet. But with the recent commercial, Titan jumps on the bandwagon of women’s safety, nonetheless with good intentions.

Instead of debonair settings and flashy clothes, the commercial focuses on a conversation between 3 women. Set in a bus station, a married lady with a child meets two girls. Seeing their luggage she guesses the two girls to be players and enquires about their sport. While the girls proudly respond that they are athletes, her husband looks apprehensive and wonders if it is safe for them to travel alone late at night.

Tongue-in-cheek, one of the girl says that she is not alone, in fact,  almost all her family members are with her. While the married lady looks confused, the girl goes on to explain she is wearing the Titan Sonata ACT watch. Using the App Enabled Coordinated tracker, the watch notifies pre-selected contacts regarding the wearers whereabouts. All you need to do is have the presence of mind to press the small button on the side.

As the girls confidently travel on the bus, the married lady looks on proudly. She claims that the girls will go far ahead in life.

Radically speaking, a safety device negates the whole purpose of trying to change the patriarchal entitlement to a woman’s body. Since the change in mindset seems like too distant a future, safety  devices like a watch, which are convenient as well as non-threatening to potential attackers can go a long way to help women claim the night as theirs.

Moreover wearing the safety watch will not bring down the style quotient. Titan keeps up the elegance and style reputation alive with the Sonata ACT as well.

Fear of attack should not clip a woman’s wings. Rather one should ACT on it and ensure a woman’s equal space in the public arena. That is what Titan Sonata aims to do.

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