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No us, no them

No us, no them

Feel the power of’ we

At a time when many forces are coming together to define different boxes for people in order to carry forward the narrative of Us vs Them, a Danish commercial has decided to dismantle it. ‘All that we share’ is about the similarity amidst all of us.

Released in commemoration of International Holocaust Day and maybe as a protest against Donald Trump’s executive orders, the commercial is all about celebrating people.

Beginning with  “It’s easy to put people in boxes. There’s us … and there’s them” the commercial seems more of a statement, reminding everyone about the oneness of the world. On cue, people from different walk of life walk into boxes set for them. The old Danes and the new, the city folk and the country ones, religious and atheist. The difference is quite evident between the different boxes.

They are then told to answer certain personal questions truthfully. So when asked who was the class clown, different people from all the boxes walk forth. The slew of questions continues, about parenting, love, loneliness, bullying, sexuality. And someone from each box has a similarity with one from the other box.

What stands out is not the difference in their age, the standard of living but rather their shared life experience. The sidelong glances at the new found similarity, the fact that no one is alone pulling at the heartstrings of the audience. That love trumps all spreads wide and clear when the sole bisexual man stands out and the rest of them clap for him.

All of them then come under the banner as the lovers of Denmark. It ends with the simplest and the most truthful statement of all times-“Maybe there’s more that brings us together than we think.” Each one of us has a story within us, it is all about taking the effort to find the similar chapters.

Go get your tissues already. And be ready for goosebumps.

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