No more Ullu Banaoing is back

idea 4g

It is about faster services, not free ones

A persistent trouble that any millennial Indian faces are having proper internet connectivity. Watching a 5-minute video requires proper planning, the perfect spot to catch the network, planning an extra activity etc.

Relieving you from all these stress is the 4G services from Idea. Idea makes a comeback of its once extremely popular No Ullu Banaoing with two spots. The first spot is an interaction between two roommates. While one watches a video on her phone due to her Idea 4G services, her roommate talks about how she will take advantage of her free internet services and watch a movie online. Unfortunately, her internet does not work while the Idea 4G goes on strong.

The second spot is also an interaction between two friends. As one of them downloads an HD movie with his Idea 4G services, his friend says that it is not as good as having free services. He compares this to his free parking space which he had been hogging for the past few days. But, his car gets towed from his free parking space. Free is not necessarily good. It is the network service that matters rather than the free goodies.

With its repeated emphasis on free not being necessarily good, Idea seems to be trolling the free services offered by Reliance Jio. Moreover, the commercial tries to appeal to the sensibilities of even the rural populace by pointing out its usage in the non-urban areas. It also boasts about the 19 crore network subscribers it has.

Now the customers hope that Idea won’t be Ullu Banoing them by promising something and delivering something else.

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