No more snarling due to blocked roads

No more snarling due to blocked roads

Mapping out the traffic for an easier commute

Waking up just about an hour early has become almost a regular routine. Not to exercise but to avoid the traffic that harasses all those who commute by road, specifically those who drive their own cars. Indian roads, whether in metro or smaller cities are prone to unanticipated interruptions. The route which you always considered free might suddenly be log-jammed. The reasons more often than not are something as simple as a cricket match or a wedding procession.

This is exactly what Google features in its promotion of Google maps  in the campaign titled #LookBeforeYouLeave. The navigation facility helps people find out traffic in real time. All the user needs to do is open Google Maps app and red and blue lines will point out the route. The red line is the route with traffic while the blue is the free one.

The first advertisement shows people enjoying the revelries of a wedding procession. While a common sight on most Indian roads, the people seem oblivious to the hold-up they have caused. The second commercial focuses on the excitement of a cricket crazy nation. Sweating and swearing, a crowd anticipates the final strike in front of an electronics shop. As their team wins, the elation knows no bounds. But this out-of-bound celebration unknowingly binds the vehicle commuters on the road.


Google maps seem like a necessary and realistic app for many drivers. The commercial in its projection seems like Google Maps itself as it zooms in and out of the location to focus on the user with the mobile app.

However, by focusing only on personal drivers, the ad seems to have forgotten cab drivers and people availing cab services. Even people travelling by auto rickshaws use navigation for an easier route. Nevertheless, the app makes sense to the user, especially in cities where people start dancing due to traffic.

While dancing to let go of the stress seems like a good idea sometimes, using Google Maps will come in much handy. After all in the app, ‘Jab traffic ka haal badalta hai, toh sadke rang badalti hai’.


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