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There is no going back

There is no going back

The rights cannot be taken away

The Orlando Massacre of 2016 is still fresh in everyone’s minds. It is not easy to forget how an escape for many LGBTQ people turned into a harsh slap into reality. Many believed that this massacre was going to be the step back for the LGBT rights.

But a new video celebrating Mardi Gras in New Orleans reassures everyone that there is no going back for LGBT people. It has been shot with the participation of people who showed up through word of mouth.

Set to a thumping beat, the Mardi Gras celebrations in the video combine a pride parade. But instead of walking ahead, the people start moving backward with a couple taking off their engagement ring or someone else going back to being their closeted self.

Symbolic of regression, the audience for a split second is made to believe in the defeat of the LGBT rights. But then the drum beats pick up the pace and everyone ‘comes out’ with a banner saying ‘We are never going back’. Combine that with New Orleans’s renowned hospitality that welcomes everyone and gives space to individuality.

Be ready to feel the goosebumps with this Reverse Parade that makes a poignant point. After all, it is all about going ahead with determination and pride.

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