Presenting the Nivea Doll: Even a doll gets sunburned


Nivea initiated a campaign to teach the importance of sunscreen lotions to kids.

Kids love playing on the beaches but hate to put on lotion. Nivea targeted these children for it’s campaign and used the medium they are bound to connect with-toys!

Nivea with the FCB Brazil team came up with an campaign to educate kids about the not so sunny effects of the sun. A Nivea doll was distributed to fussy kids on Rio beaches. These dolls, if without a sunscreen put on, would turn red when exposed to sunlight.

The dolls were made of UV sensitive materials. It would burn and turn red every time it was exposed to UV rays just like our skin. However, once the Nivea lotion was applied by the kid, the dolls’ color turns back to the original.

The activation taught the kids first hand the after effects of not applying sunscreen. The campaign not only educated the kids but also positioned the brand as responsible. It also helped create an emotional connection between both children and parents.

So next time your kid fusses about the lotion, make sure you show your child this video 😛

See the activation campaign here:

Source: FCB YouTube channel
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