For those who do… there is a new smart home product

For those who do… there is a new smart home product

There is a new speaker in town

Once Amazon launched its Echo and Alec Baldwin promoted the product hilariously, the smart homemaker found its way to a number of homes. The voice recognition smart assistant that tells you about the weather helps you order pizza etc. seemed like something straight out of Tony Stark’s world.

While having this smart assistant around did make things easier, one thing was lacking there-speakers.  Making up for this deficiency is Lenovo.

Lenovo, much to the relief of the smart users, announced that it will be launching smart speakers which will be powered by Amazon’s Alexa Voice Service.

The current hopeful Lenovo Smart Assistant looks like a mash-up of Amazon Echo and Google Home. The Smart Assistant blends Echo’s cylindrical form factor with Google Home’s pastel colored fabric speaker grill.

Along with a single tweeter powered by a 5-watt amplifier, the base model will also have a woofer driven by a 10-watt amp.

To make the speaker more attractive to the users, Lenovo is using an array of six far-field microphones.  Placed on top of the speaker, it will help capture voice queries and commands from any direction, specifically from 16 feet away. Apart from these, there is also a mic in the centre, making 8 speakers in total. This also provides for echo cancellation and noise suppression.

Intel Celeron N3060 CPU will be powering the Lenovo speaker along with 2GB DRAM and 8GB onboard storage. The speaker will easily connect to the home Wi-Fi connection 1×1 802.11n Wi-Fi adapter. It is also equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 Radio.

Apart from this speaker, Lenovo also plans to offer a Harman Kardon edition at a price bump. This model is expected to have an additional 2-inch sound cavity for a clear tweeter and deep bass.

Lenovo hopes to launch the models by May 2017.

The New Year is already off to a loud start!

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