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These Nestle packs are built with purpose to create a good change

These Nestle packs are built with purpose to create a good change

Nestle does its bit to educate the girl child. Have you?

“All I want is an education and I am afraid of no one”-Malala Yousafzai

Bunking classes for fun seems like a regular part of a student’s life. While a few reminisce about the bygone school days, others cannot wait to get over their student life. But not everyone in India has the privilege of either nostalgia or cribbing. In fact, they don’t even have the privilege of being educated.

At the receiving end of this non-availability of education is the girl child. A country that is matching its strides with developed countries, denial of basic education to a girl probably comes as a surprise. Nevertheless, breaking this bubble are reports which state that about 20 million girl children are denied the right to basic education. This happens due to societal and economic restraints.

An applaudable effort

Many organizations and foundations are involved in continuous efforts to sensitize people about the right to education. Most noteworthy amongst them is Nanhi Kali Foundation. It is putting in an all-out effort to finally realize the dream of 100% literacy for girls in India. Managed by KC Mahindra Education Trust and Naandi Foundation, Nanhi Kali started the campaign called #EducateTheGirlChild. Realizing the power of social media and branded marketing, the foundation teamed up with Nestle to generate awareness possible about the cause of education.

The campaign revolves around themes of gender bias, domesticity, sanitation and social taboos. Consequently, Nanhi Kali released a video regarding the plight of girls who are denied the Right to Education. The video features a girl who is dressing up as a boy so that she will be finally and mistakenly allowed to go to school. The rawness and simplicity of the video make you feel goosebumps.

On Nestles’ end, the company has decided to market the importance of education through its products. Especially relevant is Nestle’s revamping of the packaging of its products and tweaking of taglines to resonate more with the audience. As a result, greeting you will be the Maggi packet with 2 minutes for education.  Your morning cup of coffee will remind you how everything, including education, starts with Nescafe. KitKat will no longer encourage you to take a break; for there is no break from education.

Apart from the brand messages, Nanhi Kali will partner with Nestle Healthy Kids Programme. Under this partnership, support will be provided to girl children in the form of academic material and social backing.

This noble and quirky effort on part of Nanhi Kali and Nestle hopes to make people question their privilege. Education of a girl child does not have to be associated with greater dreams of national development. The first priority is the child herself, the one who yearns for knowledge. Development will follow suit. For now, let us just #EducateTheGirlChild with Nestle.

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