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Motherhood is a feeling that transcends everything


Love makes a family

Everywhere around us we experience and see the emotions associated with motherhood.  The general assumption is that a woman is a mother. But this is where the society makes a mistake; motherhood and maternal instincts are not about genitals. Rather it is a feeling that comes from within and this is exactly what the latest commercial from Vicks showcases.

Vicks as a brand has traditionally been positioned as one which takes care of families. Their new campaign #TouchOfCare focuses on a family defined by love and care, not heterosexual parentage.  Narrating the story of a girl adopted due to the death of her mother, the campaign is all about love. The video talks about the odds that her new mother faced because of her sexual identity. Recalling the new and respectful bond, the video reveals her mother as a transgender woman, Gauri Sawant.

But for Gayatri, the gender or the orientation of her mother does not matter. The only thing that is important to her is that Gauri took care of her and does everything to make sure that she has the best of both worlds. In fact, to save Gayatri from any sort of social stigma, Gauri send her away to a boarding school, with the hopes of her becoming a doctor. But seeing the rights denied to her mother by the society only because of a ‘difference’, Gayatri decides that she would prefer being a lawyer. After all, why keep equality only on paper?

Vicks has adopted an extremely progressive stance without any sort of explicit brand positioning. It points out that blood and heteronormativity do not make a family. It is care that makes and strengthens a family. This new campaign is an extremely noteworthy attempt at redefining the concept of family in contemporary society.

A range of digital and PR activity will carry the campaign forward.

One can hope that the #TouchOfCare touches the chords of every person in the society so that they look at love with a new lens.

This is however not the first attempt to bring transgender people to the mainstream in India. The Seatbelt Crew was one of the first attempts at reclaiming the identity of the community. The video was made by Ogilvy & Mather in collaboration with Channel V.

Another bold attempt at transgender visibility was the 6 pack band, India’s first transgender music outfit. After all, music does not differentiate, right?

Released on the heels of International Day of Transgender Visibility, this campaign normalizes the existence of the transgender community in India.


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