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More than a hashtag

More than a hashtag

Take the equality and activism on the streets

2017 seems to have started on a massive political note. The year is all pumped up with protest marches and political commercials.

Two more commercials also captured the essence of this new sort of political statements.

The commercial by Tata Tea continues with its tag of Jaago Re. Titled alarm bajne se pehle jaago re, this commercial asks people to take action before an incident occurs. With people snoring in the background while a protagonist talks in a hair-raising monolog, the commercial touches upon many relevant topics. It asks why to wait for a farmer to commit suicide, or a girl to be raped before we wake up. Moreover, the commercial makes a poignant point regarding the fleetingness of hashtags and short-lived candle marches.


Another commercial by Nike has been released to deal with political divisiveness. It talks about the great land that America is and how it has always been a land of equal opportunities. Featuring stars like LeBron, Serena Williams it asks people to translate the equality seen on the sports field to other areas. Set to Alicia Keys crooning ‘A change is about to come’, the commercial hits right in the feels. Inequality is not in America’s blood. The only way to make America Great Again is for everyone to come together equally.


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