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Mom’s the word

Dove Campaign

Inclusive is the way ahead

Dove as a brand has always been pushing and exploring boundaries. Whether it is about celebrating the beauty of women or body positivity, Dove has always been trying to keep it real and grounded. Their latest commercial is no different, focusing on #RealMoms.

There is no perfect way to be a mother; everyone has their own way of raising a child. Just because one follows certain set of rules does not mean they are universally applicable. A single mother will dictate the terms of her child and they will be different from the way a child is raised by a married heterosexual mother. Times have changed and it is about adapting to the alterations around you.

The society has always tried to impose stereotypical notions about a perfect mother. One who takes care of her child and family without even a hair being out of place. It is exactly these ideas of mother and motherhood that the commercial aims to disband. After all, there is no one way to be a mother. A mother gets to decide what is perfect for her child, not the rest of the society. Motherhood need not be about forgetting yourself. Rather it is about adding another aspect to your-self and a mother gets to decide the extent of this addition. Motherhood and selfhood has every right of going hand in hand.

This video goes a step further ahead by showing a trans-mother feeding her child. The couple has decided their own terms and no one gets to tell them that one of them is not a real mother.

This however, is not the first trans-inclusive motherhood. Vicks also recently released a commercial that focused on the story and struggle of a trans-mother.

Time to remove those stereotype tinted glasses and accept mothers for the way they are. After all, a mother is  real, raw and humane.



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