Marketing the guerilla way (Part 1)


The advertisements which take you by surprise

How does a brand convince its audience to buy their product or service? Simple; they interact with them. Branding is all about interacting with people. A business knows that they have put a mark on people’s consciousness when people start talking about it. The most common promotion for brand names is the TVCs which currently become the talk of social media or print media.

And then there are brands which go beyond just promoting their product, they actually make a statement. One of the most innovative ways in which certain brands made their presence felt is through guerilla marketing.

In simple terms, guerilla marketing is a marketing tactic in which a company engages in unconventional or surprise interactions with the consumers. These are marketing tactics which we encounter while on the way to the office, in a mall, on a park bench or a bus. The reliance is on a more personal interaction and is dependent on a small group of promoters to spread the word. Effective advertisement leads the way to effective selling.

We have listed out a few guerilla marketing campaigns which caught our eye as well as the ones who saw them.


NikonNikon is well aware of its popularity amongst the photographers as well as those who like to be photographed. Pitching itself cleverly to the potential customers, Nikon made sure that every person who walks by its hoarding feels like a star.


DuracellThe long lasting battery made its power felt to the customers by rounding up as headlights for a bus. Yes,their flashlight is that powerful.


frontlineWhen it’s about a dog, there are very few people who can resist a second glance. Frontline backed upon this love and encouraged people to take care of the flea that plagues their dogs. Pay close attention to the image to understand what we are talking about.

Taystee chili sauce

1-TIzUHE8o2rmFE5HA3iCvPwTo showcase exactly how hot and spicy they are, the company took an innovative route that grabbed eyeballs. Burn! Literally!


KitkatKitKat has always been impressing us with its out of the box branding and advertisement. This park bench one is no different.

Vijay Sales

bbq2This advertisement had us in splits because of the way it placed its ad, on the road. One just needs to get the pun to visit the store and increase the sale.


CYnZGyCU0AEGySCThis was probably the most talked about movie not just because of Ryan Reynolds but because of how much he was behaving like Deadpool. This chmichanga loving superhero invaded all aspects of the audience through their marketing-banners, emojis, social media…you name it, nothing was left untouched.

Guerilla marketing is an interesting way to capture the attention of the audience. It can be done on a small budget and if you can get a smile or ‘impressive’ reaction out of people, then your job is done. Well almost.

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