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Love and let love

love cant be chee mtv

Why is love so hateful?

Valentine’s Day celebrations also witnessed moral police endorsing strangers being married and trashing consenting couples. Add to that the mix of consenting couples of the same sex flaunting their love in public. Oh, the horror!

This horror of homosexual people in love is shown in a spot released by MTV. Before showing two men holding hands in a restaurant which disgusts people around them, the spot focuses on the ‘acceptable’ behavior. The acceptable behavior includes picking your nose in office, smelling your armpits, burping in a lift etc.

But two guys or two girls holding hands suddenly becomes everyone’s concern. The homophobia in the commercial ultimately leads to the two guys being shunned out. But, #LoveCantBeChee right?

While this spot tackles the issue of homophobia in India, an ad released by Anouk normalizes female same-sex relationship. It shows two woman preparing for a visit from their parents. The setting, the conversations are so simple that it does not feel any different from any regular heterosexual relationship.

Although spots depicting homosexuality and homophobia are lacking in India, commercials abroad have been trying to conduct conversations around the topic. In fact, the United Nations also released a spot called The Riddle asking people to get rid of their prejudices against LGBTQI people.

A spot that touches your chords is from Ireland regarding the issue of marriage equality. It asks people to imagine taking permission from 4 million people to marry your partner? Another spot tackles the homophobia in sports by pointing out that only one’s skills matter, not their partners.


Bringing visibility to the bisexuals of the LGBT community is this sweet spot from Interflora. Set in the 1920’s, it ends on a positive note.

Love is love.

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