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Let’s talk about sex baby

Let’s talk about sex baby

When the desire for a grandchild crosses all boundaries

For all those of marriageable and conceivable age, have you wondered about how much your mother might be craving for a grandchild? No. You have not. You only think about yourself. So why not change that and conceive a child for your mother at least? Or that is what a Danish travel company has been trying to pitch.

A company called Spies Travel released a commercial promoting their services in a different manner through wanna be grandmothers.  This bold, out of the box ad makes a pitch for a sunny vacation through its travel agency while at the same time trying to help the Danish welfare system.

Denmark has been seeing a slump in the number of babies being born despite numerous attempts from the government. So this time the travel company takes an emotional route and asks the worthy ones to go for an active vacation. But bearing the cost of the vacation will be the mothers, in order to see their wishes of a grandchild coming true.

The commercial encourages people to go for a sunny and active vacation. Yes, they have backed up their claims with science. Engaging in different sorts of physical exercise increases the level of endorphin and participating in exercise together even increases the sex drive. The vacation paid for by the mother is all about spending some time together and then some.

Never has probably been exercise so sexualized as in this commercial. And unlike the ‘sanskari’ troupe of India, mothers can choose the package they want for a grandchild. Move over badam doodh, vacation is the right way to do it.

Higher the sex drive, higher the chances of conception. So Danish mothers who have become grandma broody, just need to take the help of Spies Travel. Assured results in 9 months.

Talk about confident swagger.


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